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Katara Fans :: this anger inside of me will ¤COME TO PASS¤

A LiveJournal dedicated to Katara

Katara Fans :: this anger inside of me will ¤COME
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A livejournal community dedicated to Katara, Aang's friend and Sokka's sister on Avatar: the Last Airbender.


1. No Katara bashing. Duh.
2. Please post spoilers and long theories under a cut.
3. KEEP OUR COMMUNITY CLEAN! No spam or trolls, or you will be removed. Further explanation is below.
4. Please stay at least partially on topic.
5. Posts and the like about KataraxHetero pairings are allowed. Which means KataraxAang, KataraxZuko, KataraxJet, etc. Just no KataraxSokka. That's just creepy.


If you violate any rule (or annoy the hell out of a mod), you will face this.

1 count: A warning.
2 count: Second warning, potential 3 day suspension
3 count: 3 day suspension, if previously suspended 7 day suspension
4 count: 7 day suspension, if previously suspended results may vary
5 count: 7 day suspension - permanent banning Please note that I will hardly permanently ban anyone, but if the case is serious I will take swift and forceful action.

Absolutely no exceptions

Current staff: marikun46 (Admin)
Moderater needed

Last updated: June 27th 2005